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Debut novel by Graeme Richardson.
“Hi folks, my name is Bestie and I want to tell you a story! In fact I have a few stories to tell. I’ll take you to different parts of the UK, Europe and as far as India. The Scots do get about and my tales reflect the experiences of some loveable rogues & larger than life characters. Some from Scotland, some from other parts of the universe, but all with something to contribute to the story. Perhaps also some lessons to be learned. Teenage adventures, rites of passage, the influence of discipline, both publically and privately. Career aspirations dashed and achieved, the opportunities from good planning and just as often good luck, all contribute to the fast pace of life lived by our various characters.  A career in the military, in journalism, in Rock ‘n Roll, why have one when you can have it all? But there is a price to pay. And then there is the Disappearing Scotsman!”


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9 reviews for The Disappearing Scotsman – Ebook

  1. Heather

    Trainspotting meets Inception meets Mindfulness? The most genuine and personal book I have read in a long time. Every anecdote and tale that is laced throughout has such a realistic and intimate feel, the reader becomes part of the story.
    The tonal-shift between the two parts of the novel is extremely interesting, mirroring the mindset of the main character and again, further immersing the reader.
    Extremely challenging to put down once you’ve picked it up as Graeme deploys techniques such as; lengthy descriptive passages on taboo topics (sex, drugs, and rock n roll anyone?), completely shocking turns of events, and the rarity of written humour that’s so funny I genuinely laughed aloud.
    Truly brilliant read, I’d give six stars if I could!

  2. Steve O

    This book has it all. The highs and lows of a young Scotsman journeying through life as a roguish RAF man, to a fledgling career in journalism and through to the wild excesses of a ‘how the hell did I get here rock star?’
    This book is a fantastic first novel, poignant, sad, hilarious and thought provoking. Be prepared to be taken on a journey of great highs, lows and ultimate redemption.
    Bloody funny to boot.

  3. Karen Richardson

    Brilliant and funny novel. Although this is fiction it brought back some hilarious memories. A fascinating rollercoaster ride in a mans journey of self discovery.

  4. Marky P

    Great Audio-book listening to the dulcet tones of G. Ideal to listen to while walking the dog. Fiction and fact – some great recollections of places that many of us have visited. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  5. David Taylor (verified owner)

    This book is all about one man’s journey to understand what the purpose of his life really is. This is especially true when the fog of drink, drugs and rock and roll put things out of perspective.

    Ex-forces guys will enjoy, many references to places and the culture that makes it what it is and why the main protagonist find out that it isn’t the place for him. Perhaps it is a story of trial and error (I won’t spoil it) that might even help the reader spot some of the things that might ring true closer to home.

  6. Chris S

    An Amazing audio book. Couldn’t turn it off. Brilliant story and so relatable of the ups and downs of a mans life from school through to fatherhood.

    Not just a story but also gives some resale lessons that can be used by everyday people.

    Would recommend to anyone, especially ex forces guys who will relate to the story

  7. Kerrie Speirs

    Fantastic tale of life and what it throws at you. Great characters brought to life by superb writing. It certainly brought back memories!

  8. Stuart Doughty

    An excellent read.
    Sex, drugs and rock n roll.
    Twists n turns.
    A book that makes you wonder…..
    What more do you need?

  9. Terry O’ Neill

    I have not picked up a book to read in years, I was intrigued to find out what it was all about and how the Royal Air Force link transpired into civilian life. I can honestly say it was a brilliant read and had me hooked from start to finish with the flashbacks to past and present.

    Well done to the Author, a master class and hopefully a sequel to look forward to.

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