The Disappearing Scotsman – Audiobook


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Debut novel by Graeme Richardson.
“Hi folks, my name is Bestie and I want to tell you a story! In fact I have a few stories to tell. I’ll take you to different parts of the UK, Europe and as far as India. The Scots do get about and my tales reflect the experiences of some loveable rogues & larger than life characters. Some from Scotland, some from other parts of the universe, but all with something to contribute to the story. Perhaps also some lessons to be learned. Teenage adventures, rites of passage, the influence of discipline, both publically and privately. Career aspirations dashed and achieved, the opportunities from good planning and just as often good luck, all contribute to the fast pace of life lived by our various characters.  A career in the military, in journalism, in Rock ‘n Roll, why have one when you can have it all? But there is a price to pay. And then there is the Disappearing Scotsman!”



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