What we offer:

  • Daily support
  • Training on developing a mind set to help overcome your current reality.
  • Training on how to maximise that strength & discipline you already have, to excel in civvie street.
  • Training on how to effectively transfer your knowledge & skills into a purpose driven life.  
  • A community of people in the same position, talking, sharing & supporting each other.

By using the very same blueprint I have followed over the last 4 years to transform my life. 

I didn’t lie when I said  I have been there.  Since the anti-depressants and suicidal thoughts of 2016, here are just a few of the results I have produced.
By the way, these are way beyond what I thought possible when I was in the same position as you may be now:

  • Lost 15KG. Healthier, stronger and fitter than I was when I was 30.
  • Increased my income to the highest it’s ever been with less stress than ever before. 
  • Reconnected old military friends with physical reunions and the creation of an ever growing online community.
  • Relationships the best they’ve ever been. The happiest I’ve ever been.
  • Published a friends book of military memoirs and my own first novel about an RAF rogue.

To create that blue print, I have spent a lot of time and money. Thousands spent on personal development, leadership and self discovery.
Mindfulness practises & various coaches have been involved. 
Right now I work with the current UK number 1 master coach on this very subject of mindset. 
I have created the short cut for you by making my system available to you in a simple programme, cutting out all the BS and getting you just what you need today!

So, there are three ways I can help you.
1. Grab a copy of my book called The Disappearing Scotsman. Find out more here

2. Sign up for my 7 Day Call to Action Programme.
I am so confident this will give you the answers you need and the results you want that I’ve made it totally free.
Here’s what you receive for absolutely nothing;
RUTHLESS accountability and daily check in. A private members area including instant access to the training via audio and video. An insight into the daily routine that’s helped me FORCE FORWARD. The tools to manage your emotions and wake up each day, excited at the prospect of living a purpose driven life. A positive, empowering environment of like minded people that will inspire you, support you and call you out when they smell your bullshit.


3. Fancy a freebie to get going with? Download the Force Forward tactical guide to upgrading your life. I call it ’45 Ways to apply your #JFDI’ Pop your details below and I’ll send it to you instantly.


I know it works, because I am standing here now.
I chose and created this path and you can too if you are prepared to do the work.
Let’s Force Forward together.
Graeme ‘Got the t-shirt’ Richardson.