What is Force Forward?

What we offer:

  • Daily support
  • Training on developing a mind set to help overcome your current reality.
  • Training on how to maximise that strength & discipline you already have, to excel in civvie street.
  • Training on how to effectively transfer your knowledge & skills into a purpose driven life.  
  • A community of people in the same position, talking, sharing & supporting each other.

By using the very same blueprint I have followed over the last 4 years to transform my life. 

I didn’t lie when I said  I have been there.  Since the anti-depressants and suicidal thoughts of 2016, here are just a few of the results I have produced.
By the way, these are way beyond what I thought possible when I was in the same position as you may be now:

  • Lost 10KG. Healthier, stronger and fitter than I was when I was 30.
  • Increased my income to the highest it’s ever been with less stress than ever before. 
  • Reconnected old military friends with physical reunions and the creation of an ever growing online community.
  • Relationships the best they’ve ever been. The happiest I’ve ever been.
  • Published a friends book of military memoirs and my own first novel about an RAF rogue.

To create that blue print, I have spent a lot of time and money. Thousands spent on personal development, leadership and self discovery.
Mindfulness practises & various coaches have been involved. 
Right now I work with the current UK number 1 master coach on this very subject of mindset. 
I have created the short cut for you by making my system available to you in a simple programme, cutting out all the BS and getting you just what you need today!

So, there are three ways I can help you.
1. Grab a copy of my book called The Disappearing Scotsman. Find out more here

2. Keep your eyes peeled and sign up for my 7 Day Call to Action Programme.
I am so confident this will give you the answers you need, if I cant show you results… I’ll give you every penny back.

3. Fancy a freebie to get going with? Download the Force Forward tactical guide to upgrading your life. I call it ’45 Ways to apply your #JFDI’ Pop your details below and I’ll send it to you instantly.

I know it works, because I am standing here now.
I chose and created this path and you can too if you are prepared to do the work.
Let’s Force Forward together.
Graeme ‘Got the t-shirt’ Richardson.