Since leaving have you felt isolated, don’t fit in any more, aren’t good enough for civvie street?
Lost discipline, become over-weight, lethargic, drinking too much? Grumpy, not much fun to be around?
Perhaps you’re in a good place but want to tweak your mindset and be happier than you are now.
Take a look at this.

Join us inside our absolutely FREE 7 DAY challenge and IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE ACTION…
I promise you’ll finish feeling happier & clearer on what your next steps are.
You may feel your ego has taken a little (or big) dent, but you’ll remember what it’s like to be held accountable.
Listen, I completely get it, I’ve been there myself.
I know how hard it can be to ask for help. Especially as a veteran. It goes against how most of us were trained.
Since applying the Force Forward methods, I have got myself into the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally and am nowhere near ready to stop.
In the last year alone, I wrote a novel, (a must read for all ex-forces) lost over two stone in weight (fitter and stronger now than my last few years of service) reconnected over a hundred ex-military friends virtually, created a growing support network for men, launched Force Forward and helped those within our community undergo transformative results by applying our #JFDI (Just Fu**ing Do It) approach.

If you’re ready…
During our week together, we will start to TRANSFORM your mindset.
Immediate action can help reduce depression, anxiety and overwhelm and in applying some simple but powerful techniques you can create motivation and excitement.
But remember, when motivation leaves, all thats left is DISCIPLINE.

The tools and techniques we use inside Force Forward play to all the strengths you developed during your time in the military. We call this 7 Day challenge “Ground Zero” because it is our individual starting point. Imagine it like going back to ‘basic training’ but this time for your post military mind.


RUTHLESS accountability and daily check ins so you can tell us you are doing what you said you would.
A private members area including access to the training videos.
An insight into the daily routine that’s helped me FORCE FORWARD.
The tools to manage your emotions and wake up each day, excited at the prospect of living a purpose driven life.
A positive, empowering environment of like minded people that will inspire you, support you and call you out when they smell your bullshit.


Day 0 : Must Watch Video – Creating the leverage required to START THE WORK and be the change you desire.
Setting 3 priorities each day & daily check ins. Kick start your mindset transformation.

Day 1 : Live Training – Action! It’s reveille time dudes! Harnessing the discipline instilled during your time in the military.
Day 2 ​: Pre-recorded Training -Rebuilding Confidence. Through consistency and better habits.
Day 3 ​: Pre-recorded Training -State Intention. A reminder to yourself, just exactly why you are here.
Day 4 ​: Pre-recorded Training -Manage your energy more effectively. A look into my daily rituals.
Day 5 ​: Pre-recorded Training -Data over Drama. Why raw data beats the stories you create in your mind all day long.
Day 6 ​: Pre-recorded Training -Accountability. Why it’s important, and why some haven’t made it this far.
Day 7 ​: Live Training & Ground Zero – Personal reflection and more information on continuing your #JFDI journey.

What are you waiting for?