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A Few Words About Graeme Richardson

As a Wim Hof Instructor, he loves embracing the cold and pushing his limits, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. By day, as an IT consultant, he's solving digital puzzles and keeping the tech world in check.

His true passion lies in something greater though: helping others & inspiring action.

Whilst using the WiM Hof Method to reduce physical pain following a back injury as well as mental fatigue, I guess you could say he found his calling!


When the sun sets, you'll find him in the world of podcasts and radio, weaving stories that spark the fire within.

The unapologetic founder of Force Forward, he channels his own style to connect people whilst motivating & inspiring others to take charge of their lives.

With the #JFDI radio show and podcast it's all about joining in the fun, dreaming big, and igniting the spirit of action.
Busy professionals, listen up! You can break free from the mundane & chill out before you burn out. Seize the day with a laugh and a heart full of determination. Are you ready to dive out your comfort zone & into adventure? Buckle up, because we're about to rock this journey together!





Flare Festival

1515 - 1645 Edinburgh, Scotland



WiM Hof Fundamentals Workshop @ Float Scotland

Bathgate, Scotland



Ice Bath - Irish Raid

Lisburn, Northern Ireland

16 -17 Mar

Breathwork & Sea Dip

Newquay, England

02 Apr

Chill Out Before you Burn Out - Online Masterclass - inc practical Breath awareness


What Graeme Has to Offer

Listen to the weekly radio show, where the aim is to inspire action.

Perhaps a podcast is more your thing, there are plenty to chose from. How about free resources to help you improve your physical and mental health. Yep, he's got you covered. Take 45 Ways to apply your #JFDI or sign up for Ground Zero & challenge yourself for 7 days.

Come along to a WiM Hof Fundamentals course face your fears. After being taught about the method, it's three pillars and science backed benefits you'll be given the opportunity to experience transformational breathwork and step into a 2 minute ice bath. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming workshops.

And then... Complete truth! Most people aren't ready for my 12 week life changing program, CHILL! Only those that complete the free 7 day challenge AND are ready to put in the work will be considered.


It's possibly the bravest thing you'll ever do.

So make sure you get the right help.



Graeme has published four books. The first, a small book of poetry called FI Blues, released in 2016.


Short posts to engage, entertain, inform & inspire you to take action. Action to steer you away from a life of depression, anxiety, living for the weekend and making do with mediocrity. We'll help you find your spark once more and a life filled with purpose and meaning. #JFDI


The Disappearing Scotsman is his debut novel released in 2020 and tells the story of an RAF airmen that ends up in a world famous rock n roll band. Available on the website. A sequel? Who knows!

Other Publications

From Kosovo to Kandahar - A March Through the Ranks


What The Hell It'll be a Laugh


Stephen O'Neill


Before Force Forward, I was on a downward spiral out of control. With no clear direction, mentally or physically, Force Forward helped me deal with this.

Join with an open mind, do what you commit to and you WILL see and feel the benefits!


You inspired the f%*k out of me this week G, being on your program!


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